Tribute to Fred Flintstone: Brontosaurus Ribs!


What a day!  I woke up at 2:00am, took my shower, had breakfast and drove to work.  I got to work and I am told we are still under a State of Emergency.  No electricity at work, no air conditioning.  Since I drove an hour to work…I went ahead a worked for 5 hours before I left.  I get home and my house Air conditions are working overtime…house temperature is 68.  So I get in bed and my wife says “You know, we have been married 38 years and we have only bought 2 beds for our room since we got married.”  So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she is really saying…”Ok, get in the car.”  Now I know we bought quality beds because they lasted us 20 years each.  I wonder what kind of beds are being made now.  So we drive to a furnature store and she tries all of the beds and finds the one she wants.  Since she has been reading so much about them on the internet she starts to tell me all of the satistics of what to look for in a bed.  (At least 12 inches thick, more than 780 coils, firm and must have more than a 10 year gurantee).  So she finds a bed with 25 years gurantee and 860 individual coils firm and over 12 inches thick and in less than 1 hour I am already broke.  This sale was not a sale but she got her bed and it will be delivered Thursday.  So she gets a bed and we are keeping the one we have which is still good and that is now going in the guest room.

Since my wife gets a new bed for us, it’s only fair that I get something for us too!  So what do I buy…The Omega 8006 that makes homemade fresh Sorbet out of froze fruit.  YES!!!  What a great gift for us!

My wife was in a mood for a big dinner as we get ready for the 4th of July Independence Day.  Although most Americans will Bar-B-Que Hotdogs, Hamburgers & Chicken, We will BBQ a Rack of Beef Ribs.  We will also be making our favorite sides but instead of us celebrating on the 4th, we will celebrate on the 5th.  Why?  Well, I am working on the 4th and taking my Holiday on the 5th so I will get 4 days off.  If I am lucky, my Omega 8006 will be in by then too!

So tonight my wife wanted to cook.  She wanted pork and since we were talking ribs.  So, tonight my wife cooked and boy…did she cook.  Pork Ribs, zucchini, tomato and 2 fried eggs.  We stuffed our faces and over-ate Big Time.  We both only had 1/4 of the Ribs we cooked.  Can you say left overs.  With that in mind we paid tribute to Fred and the brontosaurus ribs…BWAHAHAHAHA!

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